Better storage.

Better recall.

A second me that remembers knowledge better than me



Drag and drop icons to create and save new knowledges


Expand notes and websites using markdown editors with tabs


Organize your knowledges on a canvas



Question your chatbot to gain knowledge you saved in the past

Click on the icon to find the knowledge on your canvas


Share your knowledge canvas and see others’ too



Product and features

Clemory is an advanced personal knowledge management system (PKMS) that allows instant and effortless recollection of knowledge with the help of artificial intelligence. Record your first encounter with knowledge of diverse forms (notes, audio, web, image ..), accumulate them on a canvas, recall the knowledges at a later date by questioning your personal chatbot. When you’re ready, share your canvas using a link we generate (this could be to your friends, students, or future company as your portfolio!)
Clemory is a web app in your browser, meaning you can use it on every modern device. We are in the process of developing the app for mobile devices. The mobile app will allow you to record knowledges in the same way as our web app version, store them in a queue for you to organize them on the web app.
Clemory is available in ALL languages to the same degree of accuracy. You can create knowledges and question your chatbot in your natural language. There is no additional setting required to change the input and output language.
Please kindly refer to our Storage and Retrieval section for a more detailed explanation of the features we have on Clemory.
Yes, Clemory is completely free to use at the moment. We are at an early stage of development and we promise that all features available currently will be provided for free in the future. Excited to announce, we are in the process of developing mind blowing features that are ONLY available on Clemory. For early access to these features, we will open waitlists for Clemory Pro users.

Privacy, Security and Backup

Security and privacy of data is a very important subject all software users must be aware of. We are aware of the importance and take it seriously at Clemory. Only you can see your data and share the link to your canvas, no-one else. We will provide you with a backup of your data on request. This too, will require verification from the web app once you have logged in.
Very soon, we will provide you with a backup of your data on request. While logged in, you will be able to request for a backup to us by following quick but protected verification stages.


We are a small team located in South Korea with aspirations in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Management systems. Feedbacks and comments are more than welcome! Join our community below :)